Best SMS Marketing Software

Best SMS Marketing Software to use for your Business in 2023

SMS marketing software has played a critical role in connecting customers on a personal level seamlessly. They have established many prominent brands by boosting their marketing campaign success using just text messages.

Moreover, it helps organizations automate the process for every marketing campaign you are planning to do. Also, they allow you to personalize the text template of the message you are going to send to your prospects.

However, there are a lot of message service providers available in the market, and choosing between them can be confusing. Moreover, every SMS service provider company provides different additional benefits for different industry verticals.

In this guide, I have ranked and reviewed the best SMS marketing software based on features, pricing, integrations, deliverability, uptime, and more.

So let’s get started.

What is the best SMS Marketing Software?

Here is my list of the best SMS marketing software to use this year for your business.

1. TextMagic


TextMagic is one of the best SMS Marketing software out there. Through it, you can send reminders, notifications, alerts, images, MMS, and SMS marketing campaigns anytime. Moreover, you don’t need to spend hours broadcasting your message to everyone using TextMagic.

There are no location restrictions on TextMagic as it allows you to send mass texts to more than 190 countries online. TextMagic provides an SMS gateway API through which you can integrate their SMS gateway with your organization’s software. Additionally, you can connect TextMagic with your favorite applications also using Zapier SMS integrations.

TextMagic can convert any of your e-mails to SMS and send them to your mailing list. You just need to send the mail to and TextMagic will do the rest. You will also receive all the replies to that SMS as emails than with their SMS to Email gateway. With all such services, TextMagic will surely save you time.

Key Features

  • Email to SMS and SMS to Email Gateway: You can send SMS directly from your mailing service with TextMagic and can even receive all the replies to that mails to your email directly.
  • Schedule text messages: you can schedule SMS reminders, notifications, alerts, and more to send SMS when required.
  • Import mobile numbers: you can import all your numbers through excel or copy them from the clipboard.
  • Reporting and analytics: TextMagic provides analysis of your texts. It covers delivery, reply rates, costs, and more which can be exported whenever needed.
  • Messages Automation: You can create automatic patterns like incoming text messages, auto-replies, and adding subscribers to lists.
  • Number and Email validation: TextMagic can quickly look up and identify invalid numbers and email addresses with their professional validation services.


  • Zapier SMS integration is a great way to connect your favorite application with TextMagic.
  • You can create different groups and lists to sort all your contacts for easy communication.
  • All the TextMagic services are secured with SSL and all your data is fully secure and backed up.
  • You can send long text messages with up to 918 characters in length.
  • You can send and receive text messages in multiple languages as it supports English, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and many more languages.

Pricing Plan

TextMagic charges no hidden or extra cost, you only need to pay for the outbound text messages. They provide a price calculator wherein you can calculate the price of the SMS basis the country and the number of texts you want to send.

2. SimpleTexting


As the name suggests, SimpleTexting makes it simple and easy to engage with customers or conduct SMS marketing campaigns including rich media and MMS. Plus, their services are quite affordable. You can sign up for their services with your current number or get a new toll-free number absolutely free.

SimpleTexting supports 2-way conversations that result in improved customer satisfaction. You can directly import your contact list along with all the additional details like emails and notes in seconds. However, you can even grow your messaging list with various SMS keywords.

SimpleTexting has a dedicated account representative who would always be there for you to help you out at each step starting from choosing a number to launching a high-volume text message campaign. They also have an SMS API through which you can directly connect SimpleTexting to your CRM or other tools. Therefore, they can help you level up your SMS marketing campaigns.

Key Features

  • Integrations: SimpleTexting provides integrations with 1,000s of other apps like Zapier, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and more so that you can connect with your required application and build automated workflows.
  • Extended Messaging: They allow up to 306 characters so that you can send long and more detailed messages.
  • Analytics: They provide detailed analytics on all your campaigns. Through this, you can keep a watch on your subscribers, link clicks, replies, and more. Basically, you can keep track of your results and measure your campaign’s success rates.
  • Templates: You can save your frequently used text templates to save time by reusing them.
  • Schedule Messages: You can schedule messages for birthdays, pre-planned campaigns, recurring texts, and more. This way you can be in touch with your customers frequently.
  • Web forms: SimpleTexting provides a few web forms which are easy to embed on your website and allow the users to directly opt into your messaging list.


  • You can create your team of members and can assign new numbers to them so that you can make sure that the right message is passed to the right person when required.
  • You can convert your long URLs into tiny and text-friendly links.
  • Their system checks for dead numbers automatically whenever you send a message and removes them if spotted.
  • There are various options available like SMS sweepstakes, polling subscribers, and more to gather customer feedback.
  • Android and iOS applications are available which makes it easy to manage texts from anywhere anytime.

Pricing Plan

SimpleTexting provides easy sign-up options with 14 days trial period wherein you have access to all of their features. No credit card is required at the time of sign-up. Additionally, their plans start at $25 per month for 500 messages and then vary according to the number of messages. You can save 25% if you subscribe annually.

3. ClickSend


ClickSend is yet another SMS marketing software to solve all your business communications. Using it you can easily communicate with your customers and staff through SMS, emails, pictures, voice, Fax, and more. Additionally, you can even start small, get used to their services, and then scale up to reach more people.

ClickSend has everything that you need for sending SMS. They have global coverage with lightning-fast delivery. Plus, they are reliable as they provide military-grade security. Therefore, all your data is completely safe with them.

You can automate your business communication from your favorite application directly as ClickSend integrates with thousands of popular applications. They provide you with online dashboards wherein you can track all your current and past campaigns and messages.

Key Features

  • Integrations: They provide integrations with thousands of applications like Zapier, Shopify, Slack, Zoho, IFTTT, and others.
  • SMS & MMS Gateway: With this, you can send and receive messages and MMS globally. Plus, they provide lightning-fast delivery, an online dashboard, email to SMS, and much more.
  • Voice Gateway: You get voice APIs, online text-to-speech, and email to TTS with no contracts, setup, or monthly fees.
  • Fax Gateway: You can send and receive faxes globally with virtual fax numbers without a fax machine. Moreover, you can directly convert an email to fax and there are no monthly fees for this as well.
  • Online Post: Convert your emails to post and mail documents easier than ever with a real cloud printer. Moreover, there are no setup or monthly fees for this.


  • ClickSend provides global coverage. Therefore, you can expand your reach by sending and receiving messages to anyone around the globe.
  • The delivery speed of all of their services is extremely fast and reliable.
  • All your data is completely secure with ClickSend as they provide Military-Grade Security.
  • They have amazing 24/7 support in case you require it anytime.

Pricing Plan

The pricing starts at $63 for 2k messages and then varies depending on the number of messages. However, note that this price is for outbound texts and inbound texts are always free. Additionally, you can get a dedicated number at around $144/month.

4. SlickText


SlickText is an SMS marketing software that focuses mainly on your text marketing campaigns and helps you to drive more traffic to your business. Plus, they provide a dashboard that makes it easy to analyze current and past campaigns. This way you can also plan for future campaigns according to the needs.

SlickText has experience in various different fields and therefore knows how text messaging in that industry works. A few of the industries are marketing agencies, eCommerce, restaurants, non-profits, real estate, churches, and many more. Additionally, they also understand that 160 characters can be quite less to convey your message and therefore provide the ability to send up to 6X the length of messages.

Apart from regular messages, you can even add pictures and send MMS messages to all your outgoing texts. Like all the other SMS marketing software, SlickText also provides integrations with various applications like Shopify, Zapier, Facebook, and more.  Moreover, there are lots of other services available like personalization, age verification, link shortening, unique coupon codes, keyword marketing, and more

Key Features

  • Text message scheduling: You can schedule text messages like sending reminders, birthday texts, and more according to your convenience for up to months. Plus, you can even set recurring messages on regular basis.
  • Auto replies: Draft an auto-reply which will be sent when a customer contacts your shortcode. It can be anything images, additional questions, or a welcome message.
  • Text to win contests: Through this, you can create contests wherein the user will have to send your keyword to your shortcode to enter the contest. Once you set this up, SlickText will automatically take over it. They will run the contest and choose a winner randomly and award them.
  • Free rollover texts: You get to use your unused texts from the previous month in the next month without any losses.
  • Analytics: SlickText provides you with a detailed analysis of your marketing campaigns and keeps you updated on all the important things.


  • With SlickText, you can send mass text messages anytime anywhere without any problems as they have made their services very much intuitive.
  • People can join you by sending your reserved keyword to your shortcode directly.
  • You can manage all your SlickText services from your mobile on the go with their fully featured mobile application.
  • You get free rollover texts for the texts that you didn’t use in the previous month. Therefore, none of your money is going to waste after investing in SlickText.

Pricing Plan

SlcikText’s Basic plan starts at $29/month with 500 texts and then varies according to the number of texts. However, they provide a 14-day trial with 50 text messages to test all their services.

So now let’s cover some basics.

What is SMS Marketing Software?

SMS Marketing software is a cloud-based solution to send personalized messages to your customers and prospects. Globally, It is also proven that customers love to get discount offers on the product over text messages.

Moreover, it is predicted that the global SMS marketing industry is to grow at a CAGR of around 20%. This will be driven by the automation offered by artificial intelligence creating marketing campaigns automatically based on behavior data.

Best SMS marketing Software – Final Summary

This wraps up my list of the best SMS marketing software to use this year. I will keep updating the list with other good SMS marketing software available in the market.

Remember that personalized text messages do create a larger impact than any other marketing medium if used correctly. Also, you will be able to find the right SMS marketing software tool from the above list irrespective of your industry vertical.

Finally, research thoroughly all the tools given in the list and see which matches your business requirements perfectly.

Which one of the SMS marketing services are you planning to use? Let me know in the comment section below.

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