Best PEO Companies

Best PEO Companies to use and Explore for your Business in 2023

PEO companies have played an important role in making the HR process seamless for various businesses. They not only maintain compliance and payroll services for employees but also bring expertise in dealing with multiple industry verticals at a reasonable price.

Moreover, they save you the time and money of building an HR process from scratch and give you a headstart by helping you focus on your product and services. However, choosing a PEO company needs to have a lot of considerations covered before moving forward and this is a difficult task.

In this guide, I have ranked and reviewed the best PEO companies based on their experience, professionals, pricing, risk analysis, and more.

So let’s get started.

What are the best PEO Companies?

Here is the list of the best PEO Companies you can rely on for your business this year.

1. CoAdvantage PEO

Coadvantage PEO

CoAdvantage PEO is one of those professional employer organizations – PEO Companies that help you with HR. Apart from HR they even take care of payroll, benefits, risk, and compliance. Plus, they have a certified team of professionals that offers you guidance on various kinds of employment matters and help your organization run smoothly.

CoAdvantage PEO keeps track of hours, time off, tax filings, new hires, and a variety of other reports for you. This makes payroll processing easier and quicker for you. Furthermore, they provide recruitment services covering all your hiring needs.

Not to worry if you are a PEO broker or a private equity group. CoAdvantage PEO got you covered with their partner programs specially crafted for them. Moreover, they provide services through various cost-saving options and develop innovative solutions for you.

Key Features

  • Payroll Processing: CoAdvantage PEO provides detailed payroll Processing services including Employee Maintenance. Furthermore, their integrated time and labor management solutions reduce errors, simplify payroll processing and increase satisfaction among your employees.
  • Risk Management & Compliance: CoAdvantage helps to manage compliances on both the employer’s and the employee’s side. They provide various tools and resources to build a safe and dynamic workplace.
  • HR Administration: With their certified human resources team, they provide expert, consistent services on all HR sections and your organization’s needs.
  • Recruitment Services: You get access to a large candidate pool of high-quality candidates for all types of jobs. Plus, they optimize the search from start to finish, help at each stage, and even provide consultative guidance for faster, reduced ineffective hiring costs.


  • They provide super easy payroll processing.
  • They provide cost-effective health insurance options to offer your employees and give them a boost.
  • CoAdvantage even has a new CoAdQuantum online portal with all the next-generation HR Technologies. It is highly efficient and flexible and easier to use on any kind of device.

Pricing Plan

CoAdvantage PEO provides custom pricing as per your organization’s needs. Moreover, they provide a free consultation for a complimentary assessment of your HR needs.

2. Amplify PEO

Amplify PEO

Amplify PEO is one of the best PEO companies with comprehensive HR services giving you the time and freedom to focus on the growth of your organization. They handle all of your administrative tasks of running a business. This includes Human Resources, Payroll, Risk Management, Benefits, and compliance.

Amplify PEO not only helps you with these services but also provides cost savings which can, in turn, be used towards the growth of the organization. Talking in numbers, PEO claims that their clients save $1,185 per employee per year in their organization. Basically, PEO clients experience 21% cost savings and 32%faster growth.

Another great thing about Amplify PEO is that it is a human-first organization. They have fantastic customer support. Therefore, if you require help anytime, you can directly talk to a real human from their company that can solve your query instead of pre-recorded calls or a call center person.

Key Features

  • Payroll Solutions: They provide paperless payroll solutions that include direct deposit, e-pay stubs, estimated invoices, tracking paid time-off, taxes, remittances, fillings, and much more.
  • Benefit Solutions: Amplify gives you access to fortune 500 benefits irrespective of your company size. They understand the importance of benefits offerings and therefore, provide you with the most suitable benefit plans and designs for your organization.
  • HR & Retirement Solutions: Amplify has certified HR Consultants to carry out your HR needs and communicate with your workforce. Furthermore, with their 24/7 support, they are always there for all your employees’ queries. Plus, they cover retirement planning through which you can offer great value to your employees for their financial future.
  • Risk Management & Compliance: They make sure that your employee policies and standards are in compliance including the ACA compliance. Moreover, they even protect your company from unknown risks with responsive claims management, Employment Practices Risk Management, and other labor regulations.


  • Amplify PEO is totally a cloud-based software that makes it accessible and easy to use from any device.
  • They cover all the time-consuming but important tasks that an organization needs to perform. So that you can focus more on growth and development.
  • Their benefit solutions are truly amazing and lucrative enough to attract good candidates. Plus, their retirement plan offerings are a must-have.
  • Amplify PEO has an extremely easy-to-use interface with personalized profiles for employees and employers where they can view and manage all their reports.
  • With Amplify PEO, you even need not worry about all your tax filings and paperwork.

Pricing Plan

Amplify PEO has custom pricing based on your organization and the services you choose.

3. Resourcing Edge

Resourcing Edge

With over a decade of experience, Resourcing Edge is an industry leader in human capital management solutions. They are one of those PEO companies that take the burden of employee administration from you and offer you more time to focus on business growth. However, Resourcing Edge has experience in various industries and can assist you irrespective of your industry.

Resourcing Edge will relieve the strain of your HR tasks and payroll administrations. This will help you free up your company resources, letting you focus on your company growth. Basically, its mission is to empower companies to focus on their success.

They provide personalized profiles on their website for managers and employees so that everyone can function smoothly. This way they can have access to their data and reports, check their payrolls, request time-offs, and much more. Plus, they can even contact their customer support in case of any discrepancies.

Key Features

  • Payroll: They provide payroll solutions and tax administrations no matter how big or small your organization is. This includes direct deposits, pay cards, real-time detailed reporting, tax reporting, periodic, quarterly, and annual filings, and more.
  • HR: All the Human Resources administration including consulting, hiring and termination assistance, E-learning, on-site facilitated training, compensation analysis, and more are provided.
  • Benefits: They have a flexible fortune 500 benefits package including major medical insurance, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement savings plans, flexible spending accounts, and many more.
  • Compliance: Resourcing Edge identifies all the big or small issues and guides you through them. Furthermore, they provide claims advocacy, hazard assessment, risk assessments, and insurance claims review.
  • Recruiting: You can directly hire quality candidates every time with Resourcing Edge. They help you plan, search, recruit, meet, hire, and onboard new candidates.


  • Resourcing Edge has a web-based software that gives online access through re360. This makes it accessible for users to access information anytime, anywhere.
  • They are highly experienced in this field across various industries.
  • Recruiting is easier than ever with Resourcing Edge. They have a pre-defined hiring process that helps you fill the empty seats in your organization quickly.
  • They have customized solutions for all the unique needs of your organization.

Pricing Plan

Resourcing Edge does not have a fixed pricing plan. Their pricing is decided on the services you choose.

4. VensureHR


VensureHR is also one of the experienced PEO companies with experience of over a decade. They believe that any kind of company can benefit from using a PEO. Plus, there would be a visible 9% faster company growth over the companies that don’t use PEO.

VensureHR provides size-based PEO solutions including all businesses from small to large-sized. They understand that one solution might not be the best for all types of businesses. Therefore, they have a team of experts that can work with you according to the need and size of your business.

VensureHR makes sure that you can free up your time and energy to focus on other important revenue-generating tasks of your business. Furthermore, they even take precautions for on-site risk management and analyze risks.

Key Features

  • Payroll Administration: You get access to real-time payroll processing, reporting, and information tracking online. They streamline payroll processing more effectively including payroll taxes, unemployment claims management, and sick leaves.
  • Employee Benefits: VensureHR has the perfect benefits package for you irrespective of your company size, location, or length of operation. They offer multiple options to meet the employer’s requirements. Basically, their benefits plan includes vision, dental, medical, and retirement plans.
  • Risk Management: They try to provide the best safety and support for your workforce. Moreover, proper implementation of risk and safety programs which includes accident investigation, safety program development, on-site hazard assessment, and others are carried out.
  • HR & Recruiting: VensureHR provides you with comprehensive HR services by understanding your company. They have an integrated HRMS covering all the HR administration. Plus, they also help you in recruiting process and make sure the new hires are as productive as possible.


  • Available for all sized businesses. Therefore, you can get access to all the services depending on your business size.
  • VensureHR covers all the employee benefits and even has a custom benefits plan that can help you keep your current employees happy and attract better candidates.
  • VensureHR is also web-based software, that makes it easily accessible for everyone to use it.

Pricing Plan

VensureHR has custom pricing which depends on your business size and the services you choose. You get custom plans for any sized business.

So now let’s cover the basics.

What is a PEO?

A PEO is a professional employer organization that basically manages payroll processing and other common human resources tasks by signing a co-employment agreement with you. They are commonly known for serving millions of employees for hundreds of businesses which makes them a reliable choice to go for.

PEO services help you manage services such as health benefits, compliance assistance, payroll employee benefits, PTO, customer support, HR solutions, and more.

What should you Look for in a PEO Company?

While there are plenty of minute details that you should look for before opting for a PEO solution. However, here are some standard factors that you should consider regardless of which PEO you are choosing.

1. Benefits and Offerings

Any PEO service company will help you manage compliances and other basics that are required. However, you need to ask what additional benefits they are offering to employees.

Do they help manage employee benefits to keep them satisfied? What other perks they can manage to improve employee retention in your firm?

2. Pricing

This will vary among PEO companies based on their experience and requirement fulfillment. There will be some PEO companies that will offer cheaper services to small companies while there are others who provide specialized services only to large firms.

However, you should get a quote from all the PEO companies to shortlist them based on your long-term and short-term goals. Moreover, there can be other pricing structures such as pay per employee, based on company size, or percentage of payroll.

3. Minimum Requirements

Several best PEO providers have a minimum requirement of at least five to ten employees or more to avail of their service. Moreover, there are chances that a PEO company might not be able to work with a large business compared to what they are used to.

4. Customer Service

Make sure that the PEO arranges a mechanism to deal with problems and complexity that arise from time to time. Moreover, if these problems are not resolved promptly then it might lead to a deadlock in further activities such as employee self-service, HR consulting, and more.

5. Service Quality

Every PEO service provider will say that they provide the best PEO services you can ever get. These promises do not hold much value if the quality of the service they offer is not consistent and up-to-date with the market.

So you need to check whether this service is able to provide human resource administrative services without issues and delays. Also, are they gathering information and doing research to fix any inefficiencies found in the process?

6. Online Access Tools

You need to check what online portals and interfaces your PEO providers rely on to deliver their service. Moreover, do those tools cover all the features you will be requiring in your business management?

Best PEO Companies – Final Summary

This wraps up my list of the best PEO companies you can try this year. I will keep updating the list with other good PEO companies that I will come across in the market.

Remember, that the options provided in the above list may not be the perfect solution you are looking for your business. However, people mostly prefer Amplify PEO when it comes to overall generic services and works their way down.

It all depends on what kind of service you are looking for. If you are looking for a more personalized touch on your small or large business the VensureHR is a good option. Moreover, if you looking for precise and specialized services then Resourcing Edge will be a good solution to go with.

Therefore, you need to thoroughly evaluate and directly compare solutions that align with your goal.

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Authored By Amey Sarode
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