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15 Best Instagram Story Viewer Apps you should Explore in 2023

Photo and video-sharing platforms are on the rage nowadays, right from youtube to Instagram you name it. These platforms are a favorite hangout spot for digital-savvy internet users.

Today there is so much content getting generated every second on Instagram that it might be very hard for you to catch up on all the updates. Moreover, there are some updates that are private and can be accessed by a certain group of people on Instagram.

This can become a problem if you want to access the information from these groups or stay updated with the latest Instagram stories.

So In this guide, I have ranked and reviewed the best Instagram story viewer apps you can use to watch stories anonymously along with a step-by-step process on how you should use them.

So let’s get started.

What is the Best Instagram Story Viewer App?

Here is the list of the Best Instagram Story Viewer and downloader apps you can use this year.

1. ANON IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer is one of the easiest and most simple Instagram story viewer apps you can use. It allows you to search the Instagram username from its website homepage.

Then once you find the Instagram username stories you needed you can then download them from there directly to your own device. Moreover, Anon Insta story allows you to bookmark your favorite Instagram stories so that you can access them easily the next time when you visit the site.

There is no need for you to log in to your Instagram account and it is completely free to use. Additionally, Anon IG view does not track your online information and the activity you do.

Pricing Plan

Instagram Anon story viewer is completely free to use.

2. StoriesIG


StoriesIG is another similar app that allows you to download and save Instagram Stories and Highlights from Instagram viewers profile.

This website is designed to reuse the downloaded stories to upload on other popular social media channels such as Tiktok, and Twitter.

StoriesIG is supported on PC, Mac, and mobile devices and is completely free to use.

Pricing Plan

StoriesIG app is completely free to use.

3. InstaStories

Insta Stories

InstaStories is another IG story viewer app that allows you to view Instagram Stories for free. Apart from this, the service offers you to change the language depending on where are you accessing the service from.

InstaStories does not require you to log in to Instagram and also allows you to share photos while viewing Instagram stories anonymously.

The supported file formats for insta stories online download are MP for videos and JPEG for photos.

Pricing Plan

It is completely free to use.

4. Dumpor


Dumpor is a story viewer app that allows you to view insta story, reels, and tagged posts. It allows you to view it anonymously and download stories from Instagram.

To get started all you need to do is paste the Instagram profile link into their search bar. Once you are able to access the account you can download all the necessary content.

Dumpor Instagram is an excellent app when it comes to IG stories you need.

Pricing Plan

Dumpor Instagram viewer is completely free to use.

5. IGram


IGram is another anonymous Instagram viewer app that provides downloading of videos and photos on Instagram.

It offers free Instagram story views and requires you to paste the link of the content you want to download with a button click. IGram video downloader also supports different video quality to download.

Pricing Plan

IGram downloader is completely free to use.

6. StoriesDown


StoriesDown is another Instagram story views free app that allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously without signing in to your Instagram account.

The amazing part is that StoriesDown provides a high-resolution download of any photo or video you want. Therefore, this is one of the best Instagram photo downloaders you can use.

Pricing Plan

StoriesDown Instagram is completely free to use.

7. Glassagram


Glassgram provides an advanced private story viewer Instagram service that provides users with a secret Instagram story viewer. This service provides a possibility to access and watch the person’s story in a hidden mode, read direct messages, find out his followers, and more.

Glassgram is a spyware that is designed for Instagram Account tracking and offers important features such as finding GPS Location, Video Monitoring, content tracking, and watching hidden Instagram stories.

Its insta hacker is considered the Best Instagram close friends story viewer if you ever feel the need.

Pricing Plan

It charges $59.99 per month and $159.99 per year to its users.

8. Eyezy


Eyezy is a complete phone monitoring software that offers you to spy on social media channels like Instagram. Its tool allows you to snoop on direct messages from the target’s Instagram account.

Moreover, they provide advanced features like screen recording and keylogging to make sure there is no leak in the information you seek. Additionally, its insta stalker also provides advanced reporting on the activities and conversations that were sent and received from the account.

This tool is popular among parents who are looking to protect and monitor their child’s activity and ensure they are not falling into some dangerous ploy roaming on social media channels like Instagram.

Pricing Plan

It provides pricing on request.

9. StoriesTalker


StoriesTalker is an insta view app that also provides a quality search on getting access to public Instagram accounts by logging into the Instagram Account.

This tool also allows you to view the deleted posts and stories by the account to the user. Additionally, they allow you to download Instagram stories and videos, and photos from any Instagram account you are looking for.

Pricing Plan

It is completely free to use.

10. BlindStory


Blindstory is also an app that allows its users to view Instagram stories anonymously and even download stories from the Instagram account.

The app design is quite intuitive and you can easily navigate to find the specific people you are looking for. The app provides a feature called story magnet that allows you to automatically download stories of your favorite users.

The free version provides limited features however you can upgrade to the premium one that offers even more powerful features. It supports iOS and Android devices and provides HD visual quality to its users.

Pricing Plan

It is completely free to use. However, there is a premium version as well.

11. Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram

Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram

Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram is an amazing app that allows you to download and view Instagram stories anonymously. This app basically masks the actions that you perform on your Instagram account.

This way no one can trace which Instagram account you were watching and when. Also, its Insta viewer is capable to download the posts of other Instagram accounts directly on your device.

Pricing Plan

It is completely free to use this app.

12. Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories provides one of the best services when it comes to Instagram Story viewers and downloading social media content. Moreover, it supports both public and Private Instagram accounts when it comes to downloading stories, photos, and videos.

Furthermore, it only requires you to enter the username and then provides you access to watch their account story anonymously. Qoob stories allow you to bookmark your favorite Instagram accounts for Instagram Story Viewer/Downloader.

It is the best tool when it comes to the bulk download of Instagram Content.

Pricing Plan

It offers three pricing plans to its customers:

  • Starter Plan – Free
  • Personal Plan – $7 per month
  • Professional Plan – $25 per month

13. Gramster


Gramster is another app that allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously. It only supports public Instagram accounts and allows Instagram video download along with insta stories download on your device.

Moreover, it allows you to set up notifications on any new story that is added to your favorite Instagram account.

Pricing Plan

It is completely free to use this app.

14. Storized


Storized is another good app to view Instagram Story privately. Similar to other apps, it allows you to download public Instagram profile stories with ease.

Additionally, they allow users to download HD-quality of photos and videos of the target Instagram account content.

Pricing Plan

It offers three pricing plans in its app.

  • Free Plan with Ads
  • A weekly fee of around $1.49
  • A monthly fee of around $3.99
  • A yearly fee of around $19.99

15. InstaDP


InstaDP is another simple and easy Instagram story downloader app that allows you to download stories of your favorite celebrities and friends before they disappear.

Moreover, insta DP story viewer offers other Instagram services such as downloading reels, videos, and photos, in high resolution.

Pricing Plan

Insta DP downloader is completely free to use this app.

What is an Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram story viewer is basically a service that allows you to track or monitor updates of Instagram stories or posts on other users’ Instagram accounts.

There are paid and free services that basically allow you to access the Instagram account information even if you are not a follower of that Instagram user.

Moreover, it allows other advanced features such as insta story dl, downloading Instagram content to repurpose it on other social media channels later. Instagram story viewers are designed to help you browse over photos and videos of an Instagram account privately in an incognito mode.

Most Instagram story viewers that you will come across are free and designed to help you save stories and download them.

Instagram Story Viewer – Final Summary

This wraps up my list of the best Instagram story viewer and download apps to use this year. I will keep updating the list of other good Instagram story viewer apps that will enter the market.

Make sure you the above apps for the right reason. Whether it may be to understand influencer reach, supervise your child’s profile, spy on your competitors, view story in IG, or view someone’s activity privately.

Finally, make sure that you use the information gained from the Instagram story viewer apps wisely and not for any skeptical purposes.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is It Safe To View Instagram Stories on Story Viewer Apps?

Yes, It is completely safe to use these apps to view Instagram stories and posts. However, you still need to make sure that your Instagram account is safe from getting hacked or deleted. Try to use the apps that do not ask you to provide your Instagram credentials.

How to view Instagram Stories and Posts from a private Instagram account?

There are some tools such as Glassagra, Eyezy, Blindstory, and others that allow you to view and download Instagram stories and posts from a private account. They provide advanced spyware that allows you to keep a track of all the activities on the social media account.

How to check who is viewing my private Instagram account?

On every post and story, you have uploaded, at the bottom left you can see people who have viewed it. Please note that the view count updates even if someone replays your story or post.

Can I watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing it?

Yes, you can use anonymous Instagram story viewer apps that allow you to watch the Instagram account stories and post anonymously without the account owner knowing it.

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