How to start a podcast

Best Tips and Strategies on How to Start a Podcast in 2023

Before you ponder on the issue of how to start a podcast, get your basics clear. You should better get to know what exactly a podcast is before you start one.

A podcast may be a pre-recorded or live audio show based on a particular topic. It can be about starting a business or maybe travel, food, beauty, or anything. Interestingly, you can either stream a podcast online or download it too.

Podcasts are also known as audio blogging and this concept has been around since the 2000s. Apparently, it became more popular in recent times. In the section provided below, we will cover all the aspects related to podcasting. If you are planning to start a podcast in 2023, then we have got you covered.

So let’s get started.

How to Start a Podcast?

Do you want to start a podcast but have no prior experience? Don’t worry because we are coming up with all the info from beginning to end. From creating a podcast channel to monetizing it, this blog covers all the info.

Moreover, all your potential quarries about starting a podcast are answered here in detail. Dive into the popularity of podcasts and create one by yourself.

1. Brainstorm Your Podcast Ideas

The first step in the problem of how to start a podcast is to decide on an idea. Keep your ‘why’ clear and focus on one topic only. This will serve as a micro-niche that has higher chances of appearing on Google searches too.

2. Decide on Your Podcast Format and Style

You can divide the entire podcast into a few episodes based on different themes and sub-topics. You should also decide on solo-hosting or co-hosting the show beforehand.

However, don’t forget to add your own style to your podcast rather than copying from other popular podcasters in the same segment.

3. Perform Competitive Research When Planning on Your Niche

A well-researched niche is important especially to know about the competition and popularity. Target a low-competitive but highly popular keyword for higher chances of success.

However, you need great planning and research for it as every segment has its unique challenges and audience preferences.

4. Don’t Be Boring

Wondering how to start a podcast? Always remember that you just can’t afford to be boring. There are thousands of competitors and you have got to be different from others.

So make sure you thoroughly research a tried and tested formula that amuses your segment audience to increase your chances of success.

5. Establish Your Podcast Identity

Plan your entire show before you even start to stream. The identity of your podcast should be clear and unique. This is what gets you recognition in the later stages of your podcasting career.

6. Plan Monetization Strategy from Start

Don’t wait for your podcast to become popular to start monetization. Plan everything beforehand to make sure you do not miss out on a single penny. We have discussed it in detail down below.

7. Get All Podcast Equipment in Order

Before you think about how to start a podcast, gather all the required equipment. This will also help you in calculating the cost of setting up a podcast.

8. Choose a Great Podcast Host

This can be a tricky thing to do as there are so many popular podcast hosting sites available out there. Some popular options are Buzzsprout, Captivate, Castos, Resonate, etc.

9. Create Pre-recorded Slogans

Decide a slogan for your podcast and get it pre-recorded with catchy music. You can drop this slogan right before an episode begins. This will mark a special identity for your show’s name and theme.

10. Pre-record Your First Episode

Pre-recording your first episode helps in preparing well for your show. You can edit out certain parts, add advertising clips, and promote products easily. Although this may not sound raw it is great for confidence.

11. Give Your Listeners a Call-to-action

A Call to Action or CTA is simply a request to your listeners to do a task. Always end your podcast with CTA. It can be about subscribing to your channel or checking out your website or anything.

12. Plan Your Podcast Content Calendar

Before you even begin to work on how to start a podcast, plan a complete content calendar beforehand. This will not only keep your work in check but also keep your listeners excited for new content.

13. Plan Your Digital Marketing Strategy

You really need to consult great digital marketing experts to spread the word for your podcast. It’s a continuous process and you should definitely hire someone for it.

14. Submit Podcast to Top Directories

If you have a good podcast host then you can submit your podcast to top directories right from the dashboard. Some good directories examples are Apple, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

15. Create Social Media Account for Your Podcast

This should come in the preparation of how to start a podcast. Your podcast account must be available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Moreover, nothing would work out if you aren’t active on them.

16. Create a Podcast Website

This is a must-to-do step that should be done before you even record your episode. You can also add it to your CTA to visit your website.

17. Perform Email Outreach to Your Network and other Podcasters

Wondering how to start a podcast and then make it a successful one? Email marketing is the answer and it never goes out of style. Connect with other podcasters and you can also do an episode together too.

18. Create a Media Kit

A media kit is like a complete package of information about your podcast that you want to share. You can include the purpose, important links, basic info of hosts, and more such things in the media kit.

19. Repurpose Your Content

Reuse your podcast content in another form of social media posts. For example, write long blog posts, create social media images, and record YouTube videos.

20. Keep Doing It

The initial process of how to start a podcast is easy but keeping on doing it is hard. This is why keep on following the steps mentioned above. You will surely get success after so much hard work.

How to Name Your Podcast?

One of the biggest creative challenges behind establishing a podcast is naming it efficiently. The title should not only be clear but also relevant too. You just can’t name your show anything you like.

You can always go for optimized searches and great research to name your show. Also, you need to use good SEO to make sure it tops the charts of Google searches.

Keeping everything in mind, we have jotted down a few tips for you. These will surely help you to name your podcast keeping smartness and creativeness in mind.

Here are a few Essential Tips for Naming Your Podcast:

1. Make it Unique

The humongous pressure of being unique and still being relevant is very real. Never replicate a popular show’s title as it can be quite confusing. Rely on good homework and create something which is all yours.

2. Make it Informative

While deciding on how to start a podcast, remember that the name should say it all. Your title should give out the basic details of your show’s theme.

3. Make it Creative

Don’t forget the creative quotient in your show’s title. It should definitely have a ring to it to grab people’s attention quickly. You can use popular podcast name generators for this.

4. Make it Descriptive

You can definitely keep a long title of your show as long as it fits the above-stated parameters. However, the title must be self-evident and descriptive enough.

5. Should be Succinct

The main objective is to get to the point without making a fuss. If you have got to know how to start a podcast, it’s time to name it wisely. Go for brief titles and episode names but descriptive enough to convey the message.

6. Must be Easy to Comprehend

Stay away from difficult words and phrases. Keep things clear and effective by choosing simpler words and appeal. Your title should fit the word-of-mouth publicity criteria.

7. Self-Title Podcasts

There is no harm in putting the word “podcast” in the title. Moreover, you need to work on finding a title that is easy to find. For example, “Self-Healing Podcast” isn’t a bad name at all.

How to Monetize Your Podcast?

1. Affiliate Marketing

Now you know how to start a podcast, it’s time to start making money with it. You can sign up with different Affiliate Programs to earn side money. If users sign up with your affiliate link and buy products, you can earn a commission from it.

2. Brand Deal and Sponsorship

Find a popular brand or deal to sponsor either an episode or your entire show. This can include promoting their product or reading a disclaimer about their brand sponsorship. The tactic can actually earn you a good amount.

3. Promote Your Own Product(s)

You can sell your own merch/product to make money through the podcast. You can also monetize your content like exclusive interviews, a special courses for a subscription amount. Podcast also allows you to charge for consulting services on sensitive topics.

How to start a Podcast – Final Summary

We have tried hard to cover all the details about how to start a podcast in every aspect possible. However, different people have different queries which are hard to answer.

This is why before you start your own podcast, we would recommend you to go for complete research. Analyze every possible positive and negative scenario about it and then go ahead.

Preparing well for something always leads to fewer chances of failure. Moreover, the podcast is a wonderful gift of growing technological advancements to convey your message. You can definitely use this to make a greater impact in the world out there.

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