Best Green Screen Software

Best Green Screen Software to use for your Business in 2023

Youtube’s popularity shows how popular online video content has become nowadays for internet users. Green screen software has provided a mechanism to replace the video background you are shooting.

Moreover, if you want to build a video subscription business with OTT platforms, create special effects, or remove the background, green screen video plays a vital role in video editing software. However, finding the best tool that depends on your business requirements and budget can be difficult.

In this guide, I have ranked and reviewed the best green screen software based on ease of use, video quality, pricing, integrations, animation effects, and more.

So let’s get started.

What is the Best Green Screen Software?

Here is my list of the best green screen software to use this year.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

The green screen effect is widely used to over-impose backgrounds in videos. Looking at the frequent usage of such techniques, various Green Screen Software is available like Wondershare Filmora that simplifies this task for you. Basically, it is a complete source of all the video editing features you need to get started with video editing.

Wondershare Filmstock provides a variety of effect packs that can be incorporated into your videos through Filmora. Additionally, Filmora is suitable for all types of creators whether you are a vlogger, dancer, influencer, or someone working in the film industry. It is easy to learn that’s why people from any industry can use it to build their own unique animations.

Wondershare Filmora is available for all kinds of small/large businesses. Plus, it is sold in around 150 countries and regions around the world. The latest version called Filmora X is available for both Mac and windows. Additionally, a newer version called Filmora 11 is about to launch soon.

Key Features

  • Green Screen: You can easily key out any background and replace it using the green screen feature.
  • Blending Mode: This is used to layer media which results in special effects. Furthermore, you can layer up to 100 layers of media to create epic content.
  • Video Effects: Apply almost all the effects like transition, motion elements, filters, auto reframe, color matching and others with their video effects feature.
  • Audio Tools: Remove background voice, fine-tune your audios or dialogues and make multiple volume adjustments all in one clip.


  • You can instantly share your content to social media platforms like youtube from Filmora X.
  • A team of knowledgeable representatives is always available to solve your queries. Plus, you’ll definitely get a response to your queries in 24 hours.
  • They provide advanced encryption and fraud protection to all your data.
    All the software updates are free for the software version you bought.

Pricing Plan

Wondershare Filmora provides three subscription plans starting at $19.99/Month. Furthermore, all of the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and support service. Below are the plan details:

  • Monthly Plan: $19.99/Month
  • Annual Plan: $51.99/Year
  • Perpetual Plan: $79.99

Apart from these they also provide a business plan at $155.88/Year.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro

For a professional video content creator, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the best software out there. It has got everything you require to put your vision into your content. Plus, they add new features regularly for simplified and time-saving usage.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC syncs seamlessly with all the adobe applications and provides you with a better hassle-free experience. You can do all the tasks like ‘sound your beats’, color correct, add subtitles, and more. Additionally, it also provides the green screen effects using which you can get your desired backgrounds in your videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is suitable for creators from any kind of industry from social media to films. It is a professional video editor that gives you the freedom to put your thoughts into your content and create the best version of your footage.

Key Features

  • Speech to text: you can create captions automatically by just narrating with the use of the Speech to Text feature. Plus, it is also available in more than a dozen languages.
  • Green Screen: An advanced green screen feature is available through which you can replace a certain portion of your video with the required background.
  • Auto Reformat: This reframes your content with the use of intelligent reframing, keeping all the important content in the frame of your choice.
  • Auto-Match: You can auto-match the colors in your content easily and accurately with Adobe Sensei AI.
  • Custom Animate titles and graphics: Easily drag and drop various graphics into your videos to enhance them. Additionally, you can even edit those graphics and add your own titles.


  • You can edit footage of any format and size including 4K resolution videos.
  • The availability of stock audio, clips, animated templates, and more makes it more actionable for you to create video content you just want.
  • Lots of tutorials, lifestream events, stories, and more are available which can help you discover Adobe Premiere Pro CC in depth.
  • It works seamlessly with all other adobe apps and services including various third-party extensions.

Pricing Plan

The subscription plan of the Adobe Premiere Pro CC single application is $20.99/month for everyone. Furthermore, if you are a student or teacher then you can save more on the entire collection of CC apps. Below are the details about all the plans:

  • Premiere Pro Single App: $20.99/Month
  • Creative Cloud All Apps: $52.99/Month
  • Students and teachers(All apps): $19.99/Month
  • Business(All apps): $33.99/Month

3. Camtasia


Camtasia is more of a green screen software and a screen recording software. Although it is a bit different from all the complex video editing software, it provides a variety of features that can be used to edit your videos. You can create a video with Camtasia in 3 easy steps. Record your screen, add effects, and share.

Green Screen or removing background can be quickly done with Camtasia. You just need to select the portion to replace, then choose a unique color and replace it with the required clip. Though its main features are screen recording and editing those videos, they do provide a wide range of other video editing features like transitions, animations, Audio FX, and more. Plus, these features are quick and easy to use.

Camtasia is the best software for creating video tutorials, How-to videos, Demo videos, meeting recordings, Explainer videos, Instructional videos, and more. It is best suitable for an instructor or someone who is creating tutorials regularly.

Key Features

  • Recording: You can record anything on your computer screen including, webinars, video calls, presentations, and others.
  • Green Screen: Replace certain parts or backgrounds of your image easily with graphics as per your requirements.
  • Templates: You can start editing a video by using pre-defined templates to save time and effort. Plus, you can even share these templates.
  • Web Camera Capture: Add a personalized touch to your videos by adding your own audio and video directly recorded from your webcam.
  • Interactivity and Quizzes: Using this you can add quizzes and interactivity in your videos for encouraging your viewers.
  • Transitions & Animations: You can add various transitional effects to your videos along with animations.
  • Captions: Using this, you can add captions to your videos for a better understanding of all your viewers.
  • Audio FX: The audio editing tool helps you to reduce background noise in your audios, adjust the pitch and gain, and much more to deliver a good quality of audio.


  • Apart from editing videos, Camtasia also provides screen recording options.
  • You can favorite your most used tools for instant access.
  • Directly upload your video to your favorite platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and others.
  • You can use device frames to ensure your video is projected properly on all types of devices.
  • This software is available in multiple languages like English, French, German, Spanish, and more.

Pricing Plan

The most basic subscription plan of Camtasia starts at $299.99 per user which needs to be renewed every year at $50/year. Below are the details about all the plans.

Individual: $299.99 Per User with a renewal price of $50/year
Business: $299.99 Per User with a renewal price of $50/year
Education: $214.71 Per User with a renewal price of $42.94/year
Government & Non-Profit: $268.99 Per User with a renewal price of $44.83/year

4. Lightworks


Lightworks has been the old shark in this industry with about 30 years of experience in video editing and effects. It has all the video editing features that you require including a green screen. Therefore, it is one of the best options to get started with green screen software that is too free of cost.

You get access to cloud storage service by signing up with Lightworks. Plus, it also provides local data backup and archives. Therefore, you can never lose any of your important edits.

Lightworks is preferred by film industry professionals to social media influencers due to its wide variety of features and easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, it not only provides you with all the editing features but also comes with a video QC software called QScan.

Key Features

  • Import formats: You can import any kind of format into Lightworks and start working on it. Plus, it provides an export quality of 729p.
  • Templates: You get a wide range of ready-made titles and transitions to get started on editing your video clips.
  • Green Screen: You can remove any background in your image and replace it with whatever you want using their green screen feature.
  • Editing Timelines: you can clip and connect from any part of your video to anything you want. Once, you master this, video editing in Lightworks is going to be fun for you.


  • Lightworks short tutorials, blogs, and forums are a great way to learn about various features and techniques of video editing using Lightworks.
  • There is no watermark on your videos when you export them with Lightworks.
  • A free forever version is available which is quite useful for beginners to try out video editing.
  • Cloud storage access is provided at no extra cost.

Pricing Plan

Lightworks is available free forever and there are no requirements for credit cards for signing up as well. Additionally, Lightworks Pro is available with subscription plans starting at $24.99/month.

So now let’s cover some basics.

What is Green Screen Software?

Green screen software is basically used to add chroma-key effects that are not found in nature, and which can be filtered using the software.

Earlier it is used for solid blue screens and even today some use it as a substitute for green screens. However, the only thing to remember is that the green screen should be a solid color that does not match the scene color.

Best Green Screen Software – Final Summary

This wraps up my list of the best green screen software to use this year. I will keep updating the list with other good green screen software available in the market.

Remember that whether you are a simple individual or a professional movie maker you will definitely need this software. Therefore, research tools thoroughly that offer you the right green screen effects according to your requirements.

Which one of the green screen software are you planning to use? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Authored By Amey Sarode
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