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Best Gmail Add-Ons, Extensions to use in 2023

Gmail is the most used G-suite product (now under Google Workspace) by users worldwide. It is estimated that staggering 1.5 billion people use it for managing their daily tasks. To cater to this huge demand a lot of Gmail add-ons were created to enhance productivity and workability with the platform.

Even though Gmail is not a full-blown email marketing platform but its millions of users make it an important asset. There are thousands of extensions to cater to this need but finding the best ones is a difficult task.

So in this guide, I have ranked and reviewed the best Gmail add-ons based on their usability, performance, multi-platform support, and more.

So let’s get started.

What Are the Best Gmail Add-Ons and Extensions?

Here is my list of the best Gmail add-ons and extensions to use this year.

1. Trello for Gmail


Trello for Gmail is a Gmail add-on that would help you save lots of your time and keeps your work organized by connecting your inbox to boards. As soon as you add this extension, you would see a small plus icon inside the mail. This lets you access Trello directly from Gmail without even leaving the mail.

You can create cards and events in the respective boards you want on the go. Plus, to say you little time, Trello takes the email subject as the card title and the email description as the card description. Both of these can be edited the way you want before creating the card.

By default, Trello is logged into from your Gmail account but if you want to open Trello with another mail address then you can switch to that account. Trello does not support multiple logins. Moreover, one more thing to keep in mind is that Trello is available for use only while viewing individual emails and will not be present in your inbox.

Key Features

  • Automatic card generation: Once you click on the Trello icon from the email, it quickly turns that email’s subject and description into the card’s title and description to say your time. Moreover, you can edit these descriptions the way you like.
  • Board selection: You can choose the board where you want your card to be saved so everything is well organized and at the place, it should be.


  • Instantly create to-dos out of your email and never let anything slip out of your mind.
  • Prioritize and organize your work the way you want in just a few clicks.
  • You can your team can be on the same page by sharing all the important updates directly from the mail the moment you receive them.

Pricing Plan

Trello for Gmail is available free of cost.

2. RightInbox


RightInbox is the best among all the Gmail add-ons due to its rich features and ease of use. Using Right Inbox will help you reduce errors and make your emails more productive. They make emailing an easy task by taking care of all the emailing requirements.

Carrying out email campaigns will no more be a difficult task. They provide features like sequences, signatures, templates, and many more to get you started. Additionally, all of these features are simple and easy to use for everyone without being an expert at emailing.

Right Inbox takes email tracking one step beyond by not only showing who opens your mail but also showing how many times and when your email is opened. Plus, sequences help you to send scheduled follow-up emails until your recipients respond. Therefore, Right Inbox is an overall package for your email management.

Key Features

  • Schedule emails: you can write and keep an email ready to be sent at the time you schedule. Plus, you can also schedule emails on the basis of your recipient’s time zone.
  • Sequences: Right Inbox has this amazing feature Sequences that send follow-up emails to you. You can write follow-up emails and schedule them if recipients don’t reply to your first mail. These follow-up emails are automatically canceled once they reply.
  • Signatures: We often switch roles and there is no one signature that fits all. Therefore, signatures allow you to create multiple signatures and switch between them without leaving your Gmail editor.
  • Templates: You can turn repetitive pattern emails into a template. This would save you time and also reduce errors.
  • Email Tracking: This lets you know how many times and when your email was opened.
  • Private notes: You can add private notes to your emails about important stuff regarding that email that you can only read.


  • Right Inbox has great features that are very easy to use and makes work very much productive.
  • You can sync and push important email conversations into your CRM tool directly from Gmail.
  • The private notes help you recognize all the important things related to that email immediately.
  • With the scheduled email according to your recipient’s time zone, you no more need to calculate the time difference and the time to schedule the email.

Pricing Plan

Right Inbox provides a free plan with 5-10 email/month limitations in their services. Additionally, they provide unlimited monthly service at $7.95 per month. Their yearly service is priced at $5.95 per month.

3. Dropbox for Gmail


Dropbox is a cloud storage service that gives you secure access to all your files and you can even collaborate with your coworkers, family, and friends from any device. Additionally, you can do all of these without leaving your Gmail as well with the Dropbox Gmail extension.

The Dropbox add-on lets you access, save and share your files directly from/to your email irrespective of how small or big the file is. Expand your attachment size limits and directly share files from dropbox. Plus, don’t worry about sharing the latest file versions again and again. Dropbox links always take you to the latest file versions.

Dropbox is available for both browser and Gmail apps on both Android and iOS devices. It is useful for any business type from small to large enterprises to make teamwork better.

Key Features

  • Store and sync: you can store all your files and sync them across all your devices for easy accessibility.
  • Share: Easily share any small or big file with anyone irrespective of whether they have a dropbox account.
  • Collaborate: You can make teams and share files with them and not only sync files but can also track file updates.


  • You can save your files from email directly to organized folders in dropbox.
  • Your files are completely secure with multiple layers of protection.
  • The file recovery and version history in dropbox make it easy to recover all the lost, accidentally deleted or edited files.
  • Simply sign all the important and legal documents on the go with your digital signature. Plus, storing them safely and organized is a bonus.

Pricing Plan

Dropbox for Gmail add-on is available free of cost. You can install it from the Gmail extensions store.

4. Gmelius


Gmelius is an intuitive platform to deal with your emails and make things more productive. It enables faster email management across your team. You no more need to cc or bcc email to your required members, just mention their names in the note besides that email and that entire email thread will be forwarded to that person.

Gmelius transforms your Gmail into an organized interface where you can keep all your projects and members synced. The google groups have not changed much over years and provide basic facilities. Gmelius lets you update your current google group into shared inboxes.

Gmelius is best for any kind of business including marketing, legal services, logistics, startups, accounting, sales, and more. It accelerates your everyday work saving you a lot of time on hand and even increases productivity. It provides integrations with platforms like Slack, Trello, Zapier, Zoom, and others.

Key Features

  • Email templates: you can create templates out of frequently sent emails with Gmelius. Additionally, its tracking suite will also help you to identify the best-performing templates.
  • Boards: you can create boards inside your Gmail and organize all your projects and email accordingly. This way you can visualize your projects, sales pipelines, and to-dos in a better way along with your team.
  • Virtual assistant: With this, you can simplify daily tasks like appointment scheduling. It integrates with your google calendar, meet, and zoom.
  • 2-way integrations: Gmelius’ unique bidirectional integrations keeps you updated across your synced apps. For e.g. any edits in your Trello boards will be synced to Gmelius and vice versa.


  • By using Gmelius, you can expect an 80% decrease in time for common tasks like assigning tasks, scheduling, and more.
  • Always stay synced across all your integrations without having to manually migrate data and team members across your integrations.
  • It provides all the email management services like templates, sequences, email tracking, schedule, and more.
  • you can try them out with their trial plan first without any credit card requirements and see if fits your needs or not.

Pricing Plan

Gmelius provides three plans with different prices and features for you to choose from. All of these plans have a 14-day free trial available. The monthly prices are displayed below:

  • Plus: $12 per user/month
  • Growth: $24 per user/month
  • Enterprise: $69 per user/month

You can save 25% on these plans if billed yearly.

So now let’s cover the basics.

What Are Gmail Extensions?

Gmail add-ons commonly known as Gmail extensions are lightweight plugin that allows you to enhance your Gmail inbox functionality. Moreover, they provide extensions to essential Gmail features to ease the workability of the platform.

Additionally, the Gmail extensions help you create real-time workflows for both existing and new email users. They integrate with other business tools to ease interoperability among applications.

Where Can You Get Gmail Extensions and Add-Ons?

The Gmail extensions can be found on the Google Chrome Web Store where you can directly download it from the company website.

Best Gmail Extensions – Final Summary

This wraps up my list of the best Gmail add-ons to use this year. I will keep updating the list of other cool Gmail chrome extensions available in the market.

Today Gmail has become the default and popular option for fulfilling your mailing requirements. Therefore, these are some of the applications that will help you ease your daily life.

However, there is a lot of scope for the development of its business-specific functionalities. Finally, go through all the options available above and see which one enhances your Gmail experience.

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