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This is How to Become a Digital Nomad Quickly in 2023

You know what? Nomadic life blends innately in humans, yep! Because in past we were on a voyage and roam freely from one place to another in search of the hunt or to protect our tribes. But after stepping into modern society, we trapped ourselves in shackles and surrounded by hedonistic pleasures.

Our population’s large segment is in a state where they are unable to disentangle themselves from the 9-5 obligation. Most of us want to get rid of that and want to do some adventure or explore the world. Like fantasizing about white sugary beaches with coconut trees and sparkling turquoise water.

Are you dreaming of such a nomadic lifestyle? If yes then get ready to say ta to non-stop routine or stuffy office wear. Make this your best year as life is short to be jammed into a way of life you don’t enjoy but make sure it isn’t a temporary reprieve!

Therefore, resides true freedom to be able to travel the world as a digital nomad. Become a person who has no boundaries or borders to abide by and work on their own remotely. This must be an ultimate goal of a digital nomad.

But achieving this is not an easy feat. As for that, you have first to make yourself financially free and able to generate passive income. Hence the good news is that the road to becoming a digital nomad is pretty straightforward to accomplish you just need to grab some essentials like the number of bucks in your pocket before quitting your job.

What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital Nomad is as fancy as it sounds, right? Basically, they are the ones who work remotely, and that allows them to do whatever they want in terms of living or job. A Digital nomad ditched his 9 to 5 work and jump into a new venture.

I mean they can work from a coffee shop in Poland or at a motel in Malaysia as long as there is a strong internet connection. Plus, they are not scared by the laundry list of obstacles. For instance, jobs without a steady paycheck, their colleagues’ company, friends and family, language barriers, or chatting with new people.

Because when you center your focus that everything that happened to you will go wrong then it could go wrong. Eventually, in that hustle, you forget that all the amazing things could go right as well. It is no doubt that sometimes you’ll face trouble but you’ll also have magical experiences that will make it all worth it.

The life of a digital nomad isn’t without its trials. As it’s tough to lay the first stone and obviously, there are a number of shortcomings in it.

Digital nomads are the ones who strongly believe in the values of flexibility and freedom above all. They are the ones who generate income in an array – everything from vending t-shirts to graphic designing. Cool right!

Additionally, I’ll say that you are not the only one who is craving such freedom. Keep in mind that this mode of living isn’t far-fetched or silly. I mean, of course, this laptop lifestyle is in your grasp. You just have to keep up your will and put some extra hard work in the right direction.

How Do I Become a Digital Nomad?

So, to become a digital nomad you just have to follow these distinct steps given below before starting your journey. As, if you pay attention to the minute details, you’ll have fewer headaches in your overall experience of the nomadic lifestyle.

So let’s get started!

1. Find a way to generate passive income.

So, to become a digital nomad you have to have this important tool i.e., passive income. This instrumental tool will help you to afford the level of freedom you want in your life. By this, you’ll receive income automatically with a perk of a flexible schedule so you spend quality time with your family or just wander the world.

It doesn’t matter how you generate it but if you didn’t then be ready for the hard time you face while traveling the world. Generating passive income through freelancing platforms, by your own business, making money on youtube, or by running a travel blog can potentially help you to accommodate yourself in this long journey.

Further, if you’re on the verge of a career where you enable to telecommute or do work for your virtual client then fortunately you are one step ahead.

2. Get travel insurance

Just think for a moment that as a Digital Nomad you’ve landed in your dream place and found out that the airport has lost your luggage. Your clothes, your gear, and other stuff you need while traveling has been lost. What will you do? Will you replace it all? Of course not!

Hence, it’s better to be secure than sorry. And no matter what you need to get travel insurance. As they’ll become who carries the responsibility of any medical condition you’re facing and take you to the hospital by arranging a medical transport. The cherry on top is that they’ll protect you from any theft or loss of your gear or bag.

There are various travel insurance companies out there for you. Like world nomads, one of the crowd’s favorite travel insurance companies recommended by lonely planet. So, do not think in vain just go for it!

3. Eliminate unnecessary expenses and debt

The first and foremost thing you’ve to keep in your head is to trim your debt and expenses. As if they are not checked, then life became tough as a digital nomad. You have to track your budget otherwise you’ll be in a great mess.

You have to extricate yourself from unnecessary memberships or subscriptions. Because when you’re on the road, such outlays will weigh you down, seriously!

Like if you own a car, think about vending it. Moreover, move all your essentials to a store if you’re going to rent an apartment. Check out all your jumble so that you can handle your things before heading towards a new journey.

You can also do a swift google search so you’ll get the know-how of living expenses, some travel guides, etc. just to make your digital nomadic life much easier yet stress-free.

4. Join a digital nomad community

The next thing you have to intricate in your mind is to get firsthand experience of those digital nomads who are already living this kind of lifestyle. For this, you have to create or join a nomadic community platform and communicate with them.

This enthralled laptop lifestyle community will tap you into the digital nomadic world. They’ll provide aid to you in a number of situations. You just have to place your most pressing queries and you’ll be surprised by their informative responses in return.

These social networks will help you by giving location advice or some business hacks. Plus, it will help you to fight that loneliness and you find some lifetime friends. For instance, a platform named Meetup brings people from all around the world on one page.

5. Have Phone connected Internationally

The most important thing as a digital nomad is to have an international cell phone or data plan. This will allow them to call locals or clients for meetups, check their bus timings, book their hotels/motel, call an UBER for a ride, google maps for exact location, or get assistance for an emergency.

Plus, you have to buy a cheap unlocked international phone or you just call Verizon or Sprint to unlock your phone (but this may require a fee). After unlocking you can easily use other companies’ sim cards & global data plans while traveling.

Further, you can also use eSIM which is an electronic or embedded SIM card. A new tech in which there’s no need for a physical card that needs to be inserted into your phone. Amazing right?

6. Sign up for credit monitoring services

Want to track your money while traveling as a digital nomad? If yes then go and sign up for a credit card monitoring service. This will boost your finances and keep your funds in check by giving some regular alerts.

But please make sure that your bank knows about your travel plans. As you don’t want to be in a foreign country where you can’t access your own money. I mean imagine you just went out for coffee and your pockets are emptier. Isn’t it sad!

Besides this, you have to sign up for international or other travel credit card services so you’ll get the rewards points while traveling as a digital nomad.

Important Tips to Help You Succeed as A Digital Nomad

By understanding the above-mentioned steps just don’t forget that you’re still new on this path. Thinking about what is next? I mean I’m sorry to tell you but you are inexperienced to be an actual digital nomad. Beginning this lifestyle is a different ball game altogether. To prepare yourself for the journey ahead I’ve some tips which I want to share with you.

Just dive in and keep reading!

1. Make a budget

If you want a smooth journey as a digital nomad then you have to track down your budget. Because in this journey you need to have backup money and as a digital nomad your budget might become a little strict.

So, don’t just carry away with all of the new experiences like having food, drinks, and all that. Make sure to plan a budget beforehand so you can’t run out of money.

Therefore, use accounting tools if necessary to calculate all of your expenses with each destination. Include your living cost, recreational activities, cost of working, or some other measures. Evaluate your money in a way that in case you’ll not able to get a consistent salary then you’ll live a comfortable life.

2. Develop skills to work remotely

Pacing up with the world often seems difficult but if you want to live a digital nomad life then you have to come out of your comfort zone. Because for this path you need to polish yourself with some serious skills.

Therefore, keep in mind that anyone who is heading towards this lifestyle should gain expertise in online skills. This will help them in working remotely and generate passive income.

Master the skills which you love. Like logo designing, graphic designing, learning code, marketing, Doing some SEO, photoshop, etc. on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, or Flex jobs.

Ideally, these skills would involve nothing but just your creativity and your laptop. So, keep up your gigs high, find a client, and set your voyage as a digital nomad.

3. Find a Work-Life Balance

The most talk of the town is how to maintain Work-life balance. Well, there are gazillions of blogs or books out there which explain that excess of everything is bad and if you don’t have balance in your routine then you’re probably stressed out, tired, or bored.

However, when it is some digital nomad lifestyle to make your own schedule of work while traveling is a little bit difficult as there you are your own boss. You have to do a lot of planning, problem-solving, and self-management to make this work. Otherwise, you just work and skip the world tour!

As a digital nomad, your work life is tough. Because when you are a remote worker and working for people with different time zone then everyone answers day and night. But, keep in mind that you have to be flexible with the hours and find a work-life balance by strategizing.

4. Be prepared to face logistical problems

Even if you are working remotely or as a freelancer, you need to be available online so that your client or employer can connect with you without any trouble.

Finding consistent wifi in the jungles of Sri Lanka may be impossible. But there are plenty of far-off locales with strong wifi. Setting up online meetings and conference calls is another setback that you might face. The difference between time zones is another challenge. However, you can’t use these as excuses for missing an online conference or failing to meet a deadline.

To avoid disappointing any clients you may have, invest in a reliable mobile hotspot and make sure to buy all international AC adapters and plugs for consistent power. You can also invest in a cell phone signal booster (also known as an amplifier or repeater) to help you detect and amplify your cellular reception.

5. Use ATMs and Local Exchanges for Currency Instead of Exchange Desks at Airports

Managing your money while traveling can have its own set of challenges. For example, cards get canceled when they’re used in foreign countries, and how to get paid while living overseas.

I highly recommend picking up a Transferwise Borderless Account (their fees are cheaper than PayPal, but you should have a PayPal account too). If you’re not from the US or UK, Payoneer is also a good option.

Having a good travel credit card is also very helpful, like the Chase Sapphire Reserve. It has no foreign transaction fees, gives you free airport lounge access, and ultimately will help you score free flights the more you use it. Foreign currency exchange desks at airports charge hefty currency exchange fees.

That’s why it’s better to avoid this option and draw cash from ATMs or local exchanges. You will still have to pay a fee, but it will be much lower than what you pay at the currency exchange desk at airports.

Digital Nomad – Final Summary

The lifestyle of a digital nomad is pleasing. There are supervisors, workplace issues, or long drives to manage. However, there are challenges. Complete location independence brings different issues like loneliness or depression.

As you can never establish a home in one place for a really long time. Actually, digital nomadism isn’t the solution to life’s issues. Regardless of whether you’re chilling in Chiang Mai, Budapest, or some other significant global city, life goes on.

The key is to discover your balance, make a comfortable spot called home, and just appreciate each second.

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Authored By Amey Sarode
Amey Sarode is a Lead Web Developer in GOMO Group with expertise in multiple software verticals. Before starting this blog, Amey managed multiple projects for startups and now reviews the best software to run your online business.

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