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Hidden Best Content Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2023

We all know pretty well why content marketing strategies are skyrocketing these days. It is just because of you all folks. I mean, now you do not want those snoopy ads or popups which clog your inbox.

Instead, what matters to you is ultra-engaging and relevant content. By dropping out valuable content to your visitors, you can improve your online reputation and build a loyal community.

It is not just you, but brands out there are investing in this as it has a lower upfront cost and tremendous long-term profits. Hence, brands use such strategies which provide them a roadmap to their targeted audience and their vision.

Now let us explore how to craft beautiful content marketing strategies that will not only engage the audience but also scale your brand influence.

So let’s get started.

What Are the Best Content Marketing Strategies?

Content marketing is not just about devising or delivering content. But it is about the holistic approach in which you can entice and engage your defined audience. Therefore, if you want to grok about this year’s Content Marketing strategies, then do sink in!

1. Design & Visualize Data

Visualize Data Content

Mentioning brass tacks in your content is fine; instead, add some visuals for more impact. Words can be hard-hitting, but visuals pack a punch as they convey meaning with a single glance. In this digital age, brands are using infographic templates to present their dullest content more simplistically and innovatively. So, what would you read? A ten-page text or a vivid image having all the keynotes?

As a brand, you are seriously missing out if you are not using infographics. Due to infographics, your content looks good and digestible. You can share it with a click, and it works wonders for SEO. Plus, it lifts your brand awareness. For instance, Course hero, an online learning platform, brings life to literature by using custom infographics.

2. Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing

Do you know about this fancy term conversational marketing meant? In a nutshell, it is an actual chat that moves a probable shopper into a sales funnel. I mean, reflect that your waiting for a response shrinks into a nifty talk.

Therefore, many brands are using live chat tools and chatbots in conversational marketing for top ranking. With chatbots, you will get perks like personalizing your customers’ experience and giving them support. Aids you in promoting your products or services, qualifies your leads, identifies users’ keywords, and directs them to the content they need.

Such as, I adore the chatbot’s functioning of HubSpot as they ask questions like What would you like to do next? Do you want some help with that? Etc. After you fill out the blank requirements, they ask you for the email. So, when next time you come, they will know you.

Moreover, you can participate in the talk show by collaborating with social media influencers. This will help you gain trust among their circle of influence and further strengthen your brand identity. Remember that more than 70% of the brand deals are going to the influencers and only 30% of the share is with the big celebrities.

You can rely on social media management platforms to check influencers’ performance on different social media platforms and track business sales.

3. A Digital Detox with Social

Digital Detox

This year you probably saw brands putting out some thoughtful content and purging their vanity metrics. They will try to engage you; rather than delve you into a double-tap funnel. Popular social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter say ta-ta to vanity metrics.

I know it is as ironic as it sounds that tech giants Apple and Microsoft limit our use of tech/screen time. A perfect scenario where demands are in the hands of consumers; and brands are pushing out considerate content. Exactly!

4. Implement Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Times-up, for a one-way B2C communion. If you want to build a connection, you have to incorporate cutting-edge ways of engaging with people. For this, you have to create interactive content like quizzes/assessments, playful landing pages, or gamifying user experience.

For instance, Trunk Club uses an interactive assessment; to get feedback on the perfect wardrobe. Through this, customers, after selecting a wardrobe style, can communicate directly with the stylist. On the other hand, Smart Bug Media gave a 15-minute tech-savvy assessment on inbound marketing to learn about their leads.

5. Integration of Brand Avatars.

Brand Avatar Integration

Brand Avatars are virtual characters who produce a more human customer experience. The broader vision is to give a legit experience to potential users; so they see your brand as people.

In this year alone we saw brand avatars in brands like Gucci, which serve the digital touchpoints of Gen Z, a community of young and tech-savvies. They use Bitmoji A.K.A. Genies for a digital closet that further promotes their clothing range. And Wendy’s Keeping Fortnite Fresh campaign gained momentum among young consumers who eat in quick-service restaurants.

6. CSR Initiatives Under Go Green

CSR Initiative Go Green

With this pandemic on hand, the earth is facing some serious environmental issues. Gripping on this environmental trend, brands onboard their marketing strategies to hook up those audiences who want to do something about this planet’s atmosphere. This type of strategy by brands is now known as green marketing.

The green initiative of your brands will not just educate your visitors, but after seeing your brand effort, they will for sure follow up on your cause. For instance, Starbucks initiates its Green Store and makes disposable coffee cups there. These cups will support farmers and the environmentally sustainable community when they are recycled.

7. Growth of Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing Growth

Influencer marketing is on the rise in 2023. A handful of brands are partnering not just with top content creators but micro-ones as well, so they advertise their products or services to the target audience. This marketing strategy is successful because consumers are likely to buy from someone they trust.

Brands pay influencers for sponsoring or marketing their products and services. Then we will come to Micro-influencers. You will probably think that why brands invest in them as they have fewer than 100,000 followers. The reason is that they have better engagement rates, targeted onlookers, are more affordable, and are authentic.

Brands like The Boca Grande and La Croix Sparkling Water identify micro-influencers to promote their stuff in a competitive market space. These brands called them and give product vouchers. They will post pictures, do a live session, or do an IGTV to make people aware of the brand.

8. Genuine Online Communities

Online Communities

Build a self-driven and authentic community, which is just as responsible for your brand triumph as you are. And if you have that community already, then you are a winner.

This trend in content marketing is not new. For brands, such communities will allow them to expand their reach with minimal resources. Because of the pandemic, online communication and personalization have become vital things in marketing. Therefore, brands need to execute this content marketing strategy.

Such communities will not just use for promotions, but their access to exceptional writers and engaging content creators will lead your brand into a successful trajectory. Examples of such genuine online communities are; Amazon Prime, whose subscription will bring shoppers together, and Netflix, which creates a class of binge-watchers.

9. Educational Content and Metamorphic Design

Educational Content and Metamorphic Designs

Instant loading screens of the website, amplifies visitor engagement and sales. This fast response mechanism will cause high conversion rates. Studies show that delay for a single second reduces customer satisfaction by 16%, page views by 11%, and conversion rates by 7%.

Moreover, use feature discovery so that it informs a user about your products or services’ existent features and sells their benefits of them as well. By this, you are subtly compelling your users to go for such features.

Such a content marketing strategy will allow users to perform a call-to-action. By illustrating such techniques, you are vanishing the friction between your brand and consumers.

10. Building Podcasts for Listeners

Podcast for Listners

The best way to connect with the untapped audience is by hosting a podcast. I mean, there are more than 700,000 active podcast listeners, and their completion rate is 80%, the best consumption rate ever.

By podcast, your audience will likely follow your brand on social media platforms. They reach out to your products in their homes and discover them.

The best part: the podcast is not ticking in your audience’s inbox or a social media post. As they do not disrupt your day, people get themselves ready for the upcoming content. They are willing to listen to you and made time for your podcast.

Therefore, do not waste your time anymore and start with podcast hosting for your business to reap novel opportunities.

11. Voice Search is the New Search.

Voice Search

The pace of voice searches is getting a boost in 2023. You know what? Almost 20% of all searches are executed by voice search as people are rounding up other ways of searching for info.

These voice searches like Alexa and Google Assistant deliver insights like never before. They will provide personalized messages to specific users; builds a connection of your brand to every age group.

Thanks to these artificial intelligence voice searches because now you can order Domino Pizza by speaking six words without picking up your phone.

Content Marketing Strategies – Final Summary

One of the central principles of content marketing is the same, but the ways of doing it change a bit. To develop a top-notch marketing strategy, apply the above prospects, and I am sure you will win this game.

Hence, execute the above content marketing strategies and grow your business! And also make sure you keep reading and researching in-depth about every content marketing strategy from time to time.

There are many particular hints that are often missed when implementing these strategies and can severely impact your future outlook. Finally, keep iterating and keep innovating the above methods and you will see the required changes you desired.

Have I missed anything about the best content marketing strategy? then do let me know in the comment section below.

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Authored By Amey Sarode
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