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Best Instagram Tools for Content Creation in 2023 (Paid & Free)

If you want to get a business or creative project off the ground then you are going to have to take advantage of social media. And in terms of reaching a wide global audience, Instagram is one of the best with Statista estimating 1 billion active users. The best Instagram content creation tools will help you share high-quality content while saving time and effort.

Sorted by category, the following tools stand above their competitors as quality solutions for users looking to grow their following and improve their Instagram presence in 2023.

Scheduling Tools

Scheduling software saves the time needed to manually create and share posts during high-traffic hours by automatically rolling out pre-planned content under a schedule or queue. The most popular content scheduling tool is Hootsuite, an all-in-one social media management app.

Hootsuite lets you manage multiple social media platforms in one dashboard, including creating and scheduling posts on Instagram. However, Hootsuite cannot tag accounts, locations, or products, which is a feature available in other scheduling tools like Buffer Publish, Later, and SkedSocial. It also has a costlier monthly subscription, making it best for teams with larger marketing budgets.

Key Features

  • All-in-one Dashboard: Provides a calendar that lets you bulk upload and schedule content for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Industry Monitor: Keeps track of customer, competitor, and industry hashtags

Hashtag Optimizer

A hashtag optimizer can track popular and relevant hashtags to boost visibility among users. The Hashtag Tool for Instagram on Later is one of the best hashtag optimizers on the market. Later is an all-in-one social media management suite, and their hashtag optimizer comes with a hashtag generator tool.

This suggests popular hashtags relevant to your post and content history. It also lets you save your frequently-used hashtags to make caption writing more time-efficient.

Key Features

  • Hashtag Generator: Generates popular hashtags based on user content history and suggestions
  • Optimized First Caption: Lets you save groups of hashtags that you can instantly insert into your post’s first comment
  • Analytics: Shows hashtag engagement data by displaying visual representations of performance metrics for likes, comments, saves, and impressions

Photo Management

Your photo management software allows you to easily store and retrieve your photos across multiple devices. Instagram content creators can benefit from having software that allows for easy management of static visual content. Currently, Adobe Lightroom is the best photo management software that you can use for your Instagram content.

Lightroom uses cloud-based storage to let you share, edit, and organize your image library on any device. It comes with intuitive photo manipulation tools that let you adjust light, size, and color, or even apply photo filters.

Key Features

  • Adobe Sensei: Artificial Intelligence recognizes and tags objects, locations, and faces for automated organization and quick search functionality
  • Image Labels: Picture marks, flags, and labels let you easily organize your image library

Video Editing

A video editing software will let you manipulate and arrange video clips for short video formats. Instagram users will benefit from a mobile video editing software that lets them edit clips on the go, without long rendering times. Wondershare FilmoraGo is the most cost-efficient video editing software for Instagram.

FilmoraGo is a free mobile app that let you combine short video clips together and share creations directly to Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook.

Key Features

  • Editing Tools: Manipulate footage by speeding it up, reversing it, splitting it into separate bits, or trimming it. Add transitions to move smoothly between clips
  • Effects: Add text, filters, effects, or stickers to give your video more personality
  • Music library: Add audio from FilmoraGo’s royalty-free music library, recordings, or iTunes

Instagram Content Creation – Final Summary

Instagram functions sufficiently by itself, but if you’re a small business that can’t afford to spend too much time on social media marketing, there are a number of tools you can streamline content creation.

Each of these tools fills a different role in the content creation process, but in general, when looking for tools for leveraging social media, important factors to take into consideration are cost, ease of use, and availability on different platforms and devices.

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