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Best HR Software and Tools for Business in 2022

Nowadays attracting key talent for the company have not only become very important but also very challenging. High performance companies are relying HR Software that can solve this  exact problem in a most efficient manner.

The idea is to automate and streamline various process involved in human resources operations through technology. This eliminates the need for manual checks and reduces time to process important documents.

Once set in place it puts the company in a strategic advantage to hire key talents faster than its other competitors. However, every industry vertical have different HR requirements and staffing structure. Therefore, selecting the best HR software for business will depend upon multiple factors.

So in this guide, I have ranked and reviewed the best HR Software based on its features, pricing, integrations, support, contract management, and more to make your decision a bit easy.

So now let’s get started.

What are the Best HR Software to use?

Here is my list of the best HR Software to use this year.

1. Zenefits


Zenefits mostly has all the HR tools that make managing your people easy. It helps to make streamlined onboarding, easy PTO, tracking to org charts, performance reviews, and so much more.

Zenefits also simplify the work of humans and provides significant benefits. With Zenefits, paying to your people is the simplest and fastest. Some clicks and you’re done. Not only that but its payroll comprises of advanced features your company needs as it grows larger and more complex.

So basically, Zenefits serves to be a complete HR platform that can save most of your time by connecting HR, benefits, Payroll, and Scheduling in one software. This ensures that less time is spent on low-priority tasks thus allowing the team to focus more on important things.

Key Features

  • Hiring and onboarding: We have been able to complete new hire onboarding in under 10 minutes
  • Employee management: It increases cross-functional communication and company efficiency with a dynamic org chart, finish with contact information the employees have selected to share.
  • Time off tracking: PTO is calculated automatically, so employees don’t have to waste time to count the vacation time of the employees.
  • Business Intelligence: Keep an eye on the health of your organization through reporting tools.
  • Documentation Management: All the employees’ documents are auto-generated and secured within Zenefits. It also updates and categorizes your HR documents.


  • It is a affordable payroll platform especially for small companies.
  • It offer free trials. Therefore, you check if it is a good fit for you or not before buying.
  • It is very user friendly and it also includes automated tasks.
  • It helps you integrate all HR functions under one platform
  • Easy to use and navigate for employees, managers, and administrators

Pricing Plan

Zenefits provides three pricing plans namely Zen, Growth and Essentials starting with $21/month per employee. The pricing of all the three is mentioned below:

  • Zen $21/ month per employee
  • Growth $14/ month per employee
  • Essentials $8/ month per employee

2. BambooHR


BambooHR is a solution targeted toward small- and medium-sized companies that have developed spreadsheets. Employee information is centralized at a single location that makes it easier for HR to find required employee information.

It gathers and assembles all the information you need throughout an employee’s entire life cycle in the company. Advanced features such as people analytics, onboarding processing, compensation, and benefits management are effective for companies. The tool gives you all that you need to manage all your staff effectively.

Recruiters can use the applicant tracking system (ATS) that’s integrated with existing BambooHR software. Through it they can access resumes and LinkedIn profiles of candidates, as well as post jobs and share candidates’ applications with hiring managers.

Key Features

  • Benefits and payroll administration: Best for medium to large companies who need premium products and advanced features.
  • Centralized employee database: Single and secure/reliable database with robust engaging reports
  • Mobile app and web-based: Modern, mobile-ready applicant tracking
  • Global capabilities: Latest tools for measuring engagement.


  • BambooHR can connect to cloud services to store working hours information on the web. The information is easily accessible once the platform has been connected to the cloud and the security parameters have been configured so that only a certain group of selected people can review them.
  • It also integrates with CRM services so that contact management tools can be used to reach employees more quickly to ensure the smooth functioning of work and deliveries.
  • This HR software has an outstanding application for tracking the activity of our employees, which we use to review their progress and any mistake they make and correct them well in advance.

Pricing Plan

BambooHR uses a pay-per-employee per-month pricing model. It starts at $6.19 per employee per month for the Essentials package whereas $8.25 per employee per month for the Advantage package. The prices can be discounted, according to the company size. Clients can electively add on the performance management or time tracking modules, at a further price.

3. Namely


Namely is all you need if you are a mid-sized company(50 -1000 employees) and are looking for something to lower down the HR burden to turn them towards more effective work. It is a complete software covering up all the HR needs by listing down all the employee information, keeping track of their payrolls, banking information, leaves, and many more things. All of this information is stored in each employee’s profile which makes it easy to view all the details in one place.

As an HR you can make plans, add and remove employees and keep track of your plan smoothly. Furthermore, You can also see employees performances and therefore can decide who needs more attention or who needs to be changed. This way you can increase productivity and employee engagement through Namely.

Namely has its look and feel much alike to social media where all the employees can post, comment and interact with each other making it easy to adapt. Moreover, it is cloud-based. Therefore, not to worry about version updates and accessibility.

Key Features

  • Analytics Dashboard: Probably the best feature of Namely is Dashboard. It represents all the data in various graphical formats. Therefore, you can get quick insights on topics like salary, headcount, and others.
  • Digital Signature: Namely allows you to digitally sign any document through your digital signature.
  • Tasks and document management: This lets you assign tasks to everyone and keep track of it along with all the documents.
  • Time off requests: The employees can directly request for breaks through Namely and HR can approve or deny it.
  • Schedule: Schedule meetings, track time and task reporting can also be done with Namely.


  • It contains a chat-bot which makes it easy to start with Namely and explore it as soon as you land on Namely.
  • You can keep easy track of Payrolls and all the employee payouts.
  • Namely is a cloud-based service therefore, there will not be any issue of updates or accessibility.
  • Plus, if you are stuck anywhere it provides good customer support and they also have a blog that covers all the primary issues.
  • It has a Dashboard that can give you a quick overview of what’s going on in the company by looking at few graphs.

Pricing Plan

Namely provides a clients specific quotation. The pricing depends on the services that you choose and the number of employees.

4. Cezanne HR

Cezanne HR

Cezanne is a UK based modern cloud HR system that will transform your entire HR functioning. It has all the required features for an HR system to function. Plus, they provide constant support to smoothly shift from traditional HR management to HR software.

It frees you from repetitive tasks and empowers you to work on other things and increase productivity. You can track everyone’s leaves and therefore manage accordingly to ensure smooth functioning in the company.

The benefit of Cezanne is that it is available globally in over 120 countries making it easy for you to work with your international clients. Cezanne is one of the most exclusive HR software including all the key requirements of HR management including security and being cloud-based. This makes it convenient for more users to shit to Cezanne from the traditional HR systems.

Key Features

  • Absence management: This helps you to automatically calculate leaves, sickness tracking, time-offs and much more.
  • e-signatures: It helps you to digitally sign the documents resulting in a faster process.
  • Timesheets: These timesheets are a great way to keep track of all the employee’s time and work. Furthermore, you can track everyone’s work and even reject the timesheets if it is vague.
  • Security: you can keep all the sensitive data safe with Cenzanne’s security systems that include single sign-on, encryption, advanced passwords, and others.
  • Multi-lingual: Cenzaane HR software has expert language translations at no extra cost. Therefore, you can even use it with your international customer base and manage a global workforce.


  • This is an all in one HR system including all the ley features you need for your HR system.
  • You can get quick insights from all the up to date reports on all the work that’s going on in the company through graphical representations.
  • Language translations make it very much effective to work with international clients at no extra costs.
  • It provides you with advanced security that can store all your sensitive data with protections like encryption.
  • It also posts blogs and news articles to help you learn and keep you updated with new advancements in the market.

Pricing Plan

Cezanne HR software works on subscription bases arrears. Its pricing starts from 200 pounds to over 2000 pounds per month depending on the modules chosen. Plus, it also depends on the number of employees you add to Cezanne. This fee covers everything that you need in your HR software.

So now let’s cover the basics.

Why you should use a HR Software?

HR software is a online web based application that manages and facilitates organizations daily human resource processes and tasks.Moreover, it brings automation to redundant manual tasks eating productivity of your human resources.

Apart from automating time consuming and labor intensive tasks it also manages complex offer structure and benefits passed to various type of employees.

What Features should you look for in a HR Software?

Here are some of the important features that you should consider while looking for a HR Software for your business.

1. Onboarding

HR Software should leave good impression on the new hires by automating the onboarding process in a seamless way. Moreover, it should streamline better coordination among different departments on the new employee recruitment.

Also, it should process new employee data such as employee record, contracts, verification documents, visa processing, and more.

2. Shift Planning and Scheduling

It is very important that the software schedules work of different departments to ensure adequate employee coverage over the  workweek. Additionally, it should maintain the level of productivity incase of fewer or shortage of staff.

Moreover, it should accurately calculate the overtime and business rules and policies automatically for the processes.

3. Recruitment Automation

The HR software should automate the most messy and time consuming tasks involved in recruitment process of new employee. Without this capability other features won’t matter much in improving HR performance.

Recruitment automation tasks inlcude automating candidate shortlisting, interview invitations, applicant status tracking, interview feedback, employee record generation, and more.

4. Employee Exit

Employee exits in an organization can be painful and time consuming as same as onboarding process. Therefore, the HR software should automate the exit processes and get insights from the exit interviews.

Additionally, it should also address employee dissatisfaction to reduce future turnover for the organization.

5. Performance Management

Eliminating biased scoring patterns and human errors is priority for any organization looking to maximize performance. Therefore, the HR Software must prioritize performance appraisals to employees and managers based on their collected objective scores and feedbacks.

Additionally, it should make it easier and faster to report team performance to key stakeholders for better redressal.

6. Leave Management

A leave management system by a HR software saves lot of time for employees and managers which they can use productively.Therefore, digital authorization of leave online will speed up the process for all parties.

7. Administration Benefits

Every organization offers various perks and benefits to their employees to retain and encourage them. However, managing changing benefits and perks can be complicated and complex task.

Therefore, the software package should inculcate custom administration benefits that vary on employee enrollment type and offering plans.

Best HR Software – Final Summary

This wraps up my list for the best HR software you can use for your business. I will keep updating the list with other HR Software tools available in the market.

Finally, choosing the best HR Software your business will depend on your business requirements and HR processes. However, make sure you go through and research all the available options to get the best suited software your business.

Remember, that its the people that drive the success of the business so you cannot go wrong on this.

Which HR software are you planning to use? Let me know in the comment section below.

Authored By Amey Sarode
Amey Sarode is a Lead Web Developer in GOMO Group with expertise in multiple software verticals. Before starting this blog, Amey managed multiple projects for startups and now reviews the best software to run your online business.

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