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Data Recovery Software Tools to Explore for your Business in 2023

Data recovery software assists you in retrieving lost, inaccessible, or corrupt data from removable files, media, or secondary storage.

Today, you cannot afford to lose your crucial data. However, with the rising incidence of cyber-crimes, there are high chances of losing data, so backing up, data recovery, and migration of data are very important.

97% of the stolen data can be recovered easily from attacks like ransomware, phishing, and more. However, the remaining 3% of lost data in such cases can have extreme repercussions for your organization in the coming future.

So it is important to utilize the best data recovery software available. Therefore, to make your decision a little easier I have reviewed and ranked the best data recovery software based on the pricing, data recovery capabilities, ease of use, and more.

So let’s get started.

What is the Best Data Recovery Software?

Here are my top picks for the best data recovery software to use this year.

1. EaseUS


EaseUS is one of the most reliable data recovery tools used by over 530 million users in 160 countries. Moreover, it assists you in recovering lost files in a few clicks and is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Its rich features and user-friendliness make it ideal for the individual as well as for professional use. Additionally, it is mostly used by  IT specialists, technicians, consultants, and other service providers.

Key Features of EaseUS

  • Centralized Management – Provides a centralized and holistic management console to operate.
  • Multi-Support – It offers support to RAID hardware, MBR & GPT disk, WinPE bootable disk, UEFI boot, NAS, and more.
  • Robust Backup Method – Offers ample backup methods, including differential, incremental, scheduled, and full backups.
  • Bootable Media – Recover data even when your system cannot boot.
  • Disk Management – All-in-one disk management optimizes your disk usage and assists you in making the best use of storage.

Pros of EaseUS

  • Provides recovery capacity of 16TB
  • Offers a 24*7 extensive customer support
  • Allows you to restore files on new devices
  • Provides email recovery and backup, along with cloud backups
  • Offers a low turnaround  time
  • Provides a 100% secure 256-bit encrypted payment
  • Intuitive EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • Provides other unique features, including 4K alignment available, disk & partition cloning, and more
  • In-built Image Reserve Strategy to free up disk space
  • Provides you an option to restore files in a new device

Cons of EaseUS

  • A deep scan is time-consuming
  • Does not have a Freemium Plan
  • Bootable media needs separate purchase

Pricing Plans

Pricing varies on your requirements and OS you have. Other than this, you also get a bundled package consisting of a Todo Backup server, Data Recovery Wizard Pro, and Partition Master Server for $268.77.

2. CleverFiles Disk Drill Data Recovery

CleverFiles Disk Drill Recovery

CleverFiles Disk Drill Data Recovery is a user-friendly data recovery tool for both Mac and Windows. Moreover, it is an impressive tool when it comes to retrieving data from many different devices with the help of highly advanced scanning algorithms. Additionally, it’s a holistic DIY data recovery app that makes it well suited for beginners.

This tool is mostly used by IT specialists and technicians for recovering lost or encrypted client files, either on-premise or remotely.

Key Features of CleverFiles Disk Drill Data Recovery

  • Data Protection – Provides round-the-clock protection for your entire data instead of waiting for the data to get lost.
  • Diverse Scanning Options – This allows you to use scan options like deep scan, quick scan, and more.
  • Complete Data Recovery – Offers holistic data recovery, irrespective of the cause of data loss.
  • Vault Recovery Feature – Prevents data loss by protecting your existing files using this feature.
  • Comprehensive File System Recovery – It can recover data from file systems like EXT, HFS+, FAT32, NTFS, and more.

Pros of CleverFiles Disk Drill Data Recovery

  • S.M.A.R.T. disk monitoring
  • Provides support to all Windows versions
  • Performs high-speed scans
  • Recover files from empty Recycle Bins
  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface
  • Restart/save/pause feature at your preferred timings
  • Offers extensive customer support
  • Provides a freemium plan with minimal features
  • Provides recovery file thumbnail preview
  • The Deep Scan feature recognizes more than 350 file types
  • Comprehensive FAQs and knowledge database for training
  • Allows you to backup your recovered data into DMG/ISO

Cons of CleverFiles Disk Drill Data Recovery

  • Not that effective for recovering files on solid-state drives

Pricing Plans

Disk Drill offers three pricing plans.

  • Free Plan – $0 per month
  • Pro Plan – $89
  • Enterprise Plan – $499

3. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is an easy-to-use and secure software that is available for both Mac and Windows. It can help you recover data, emails, files, videos, photos, and other documents from all detachable data storage devices as well as internal hard disk drives.

Moreover, it is a most suitable tool for IT professionals working to recover lost files from their systems. Plus, Stellar Data Recovery is also beginner-friendly for completely new users.

Key Features of Stellar Data Recovery

  • RAW recovery – Use this module if you are unable to retrieve data after other normal and advanced scan options.
  • Video Retrieval – This allows you to retrieve data from your mobile phones, camera, digicam, drones, and DSLR.
  • Deep Scan – This feature comes into the picture when you are unable to find the desired partition even after scanning the entire hard disk.
  • Formatted Drive Recovery Supports data recovery from exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, FAT, and NTFS file systems

Pros of Stellar Data Recovery

  • 100% secure and safe data recovery
  • Free product download
  • Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Performs extremely high-speed scans
  • Recover data by hard disk image creation
  • ‘No recovery no charge’ only for customer-indicated files in MAF form
  • Allows you to scan the hard drive for missing partitions lost due to corruption using the ‘Can’t Find Drive’ option under ‘Other Locations
  • Powerful to recover files from encrypted hard drives
  • Provides an in-built feature to monitor hard disk health to warn against disk failures

Cons of Stellar Data Recovery

  • A limited data recovery capacity of 1 GB is available in the free version
  • No customer support provided over the weekend
  • Do not have a “no recovery no charge” policy for tablets, iPhones, or mobiles.

Pricing Plans

Stellar Data Recovery provides 4 modules, namely Video Repair, iPhone Recovery, Photo Recovery, and Data Recovery. The prices start from $39.99 and range up to $199.

Now let’s cover the basics.

What is Data Recovery Software?

Data Recovery software is nothing but a way to restore and backup your data. Additionally, these programs are capable of extracting, scanning, identifying, and reviewing usable copies from deleted, formatted, or corrupt data in a reusable format.

Moreover, data recovery tools sometimes play a vital role in recovering information from an infected system due to espionage or cybercrime. These tools help break down the data encryption to access and retrieve the files.

Advanced data recovery tools also have the functionality to reverse the actions like deletion using the ‘Shift + del’ function and deletion from Recycle Bin. Plus, it takes care of accidental deletions as well.

What Should You Look for in Data Recovery Software?

Depending upon your business requirements the type of data recovery software will vary.

Here are some crucial features you should consider to have:
  1. File Retrieval from Recycle Bin – There might be scenarios where you might need files that are deleted from the Recycle Bin. Therefore, it’s always handy to have this feature in your data recovery software.
  2. Corrupt multimedia file Restoration – This should allow you to restore corrupted multimedia files like music files, audio, photos, and more in case you need them later.
  3. Retention of Folder Hierarchy – The tools should maintain the on-disk folder hierarchy after retrieval. This will help you ensure that every directory is in its original format after the completion of recovery.
  4. Data Recovery from raw & formatted Partition – This should assist you against intentional or accidental formatting and restore all data.
  5. Robust Search option for Files – This should provide an option to locate a particular file by a simple search, to ease the task of the users.
  6. Sorting of Recovered items – The software should provide an option to sort the recovered files by their name and size. Otherwise, it becomes a little more tedious task to do.

Best Data Recovery Tool – Final Summary

This wraps up my list of the best data recovery programs you use for your business this year. I will keep updating the list with other data recovery software tools available in the market.

To fight against those with malicious intent and cyber-criminals, data recovery tools are more important than ever. You will find plenty of data recovery tools to choose from. However, it’s essential that you choose according to your business requirements and the budget you have.

If you are looking for a feature-rich tool like Stellar or EaseUS, sign up for a trial and get started today. Or if you are looking for free options then you can try  PhotoRec or TestDisk.

In the end, choose the tool that aligns the best with your business database software, personal preferences, and other requirements.

Which Data Recovery Software you are planning to use? Let me know in the comment section below.

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