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Data Migration Software Tools to use for your Business in 2023

Today you need the best data migration software if you are running an upgrade or new implementation or thinking about migrating your data.

Whether you need to move to a new system, update your database, or backup or recover your data, you need the best tool to perform this. So, to make things simpler I have reviewed and ranked these tools based on support, implementation timelines,  ease of use, pricing, and more.

So let’s get started.

What is the Best Data Migration Software?

Here is my list of the best data migration software tools to use this year.

1. Paragon Drive Copy Professional

Best Software for partitioning and disk cloning ( Starts from $39.95)

Paragon Drive Copy Professional

Paragon Drive Copy Professional is a data migration software that assists you in transferring your OS or Data to any target disk. Additionally, it also assists you in organizing your disk to migrate data easily.

Moreover, it offers services to manage partitions, clone your OS to a USB flash drive, migrate data, create backups, etc. The software has a range of copy operations that let you copy a partition or a full hard disk quickly. You can migrate any Windows OS  to Windows 8 and HHD to SSD and vice versa.

Key Features of Paragon Drive Copy

  • Complete set of Copying Operation – Allow you to copy a separate partition or a full hard disk along with resizing a partition while copying.
  • OS Migration to unknown Hardware – Provides migration of existing systems and makes them bootable in a new hardware environment.
  • OS Migration to SSD – Uses advanced data exclusion capabilities to move any Windows OS from a regular hard disk to a fast SSD.
  • V2V/V2P Migration – This allows you to migrate a virtual system from one virtual environment to another. Moreover, you can migrate a virtual system to a physical environment.
  • P2V Copy/ P2V Adjust OS – You can migrate a physical system to a virtual environment in the online mode. Additionally, it starts up the OS after unsuccessful migration or virtualization with third-party tools.

Pricing Plans

Paragon Drive Copy Professional costs $39.95 per license. However, the license covers up to three personal computers only.

2. Acronis True Image

Best SSD migration software (Starts at $39.99 per year)

Acronis True image

Acronis True Image is primarily a data backup software that assists you in cloning, protecting, and migrating data, files, and OS. Additionally, it allows you to back up all types of data and files, including photos, programs, boot information, operating system, and more.

The tool is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows and saves your files and data in the cloud for easy and secure access. Plus, it eliminates the need to install and manage several tools using its built-in anti-malware features with the full backup software.

Acronis True Image protects your device from all kinds of threats, including cyberattacks, stolen devices, disk failure, etc.

Key Features of Acronis True image

  • Active Disk Cloning – This allows you to make a replica of a Mac or Windows system while it is running without you bothering about stopping or rebooting the system.
  • Dual Protection – Replicate local backup in the cloud automatically.
  • Protection Pause – This feature gives you an option to suspend the antimalware functions as long as you want with one click.
  • Acronis Survival Kit – The survival Kit tool streamlines recoveries by backing up everything you need to restart your system on an external drive. Additionally, it includes required boot media and full image backups of your entire system.

Additional features include resumable replications, crypto-jacking protection, anti-ransomware, backup validation, event-based backups, automatic mobile backups, and more.

Pricing Plans

Acronis True Image comes with three pricing plans:

  • Essential: $39.99 per year
  • Advanced: $64.99 per year
  • Premium: $94.99 per year

All plans include Ransomware protection, universal restore, quick recovery, full image to file-level backups, disk cloning, etc.

3. Daemon Tools Pro 8

Best for Data migration to a secure place ( Starts at $20.21)

Daemon Tools Pro 8

DAEMON Tools Pro 8 is an emulation and imaging tool that works with virtual drives and disk images. Additionally, the program can clone and migrate all types of security technologies like Protect CD, Safedisc, Securom, StarForce, etc.

While emulating and migrating, it keeps the media in a precise order for the program or game to run smoothly. The software allows you to mount all types of image formats from Explorer or applications including .ape, .mdf, .mds, and more.

Moreover, You can also create both fixed and dynamic virtual hard disks,  collect images from disks, and store sensitive data securely. DAEMON Tools Pro 8 provides advanced features for imaging, cloning, and writing images to USB.

Key Features of Daemon Tools Pro 8

  •  Burn files with RMPS, copy discs and create audio CDs
  • Ability to create or edit Audio CDs and Data images.
  • Safeguard, compress. and transfer your files with a password.
  • Create a raw disk image from USB device content.
  • With 4 IDE devices, you can clone up to 32 HD, SCSI, and DT Drives.
  • Restore the factory state of a USB stick.
  • Modify the copying method manually or mount with a double-click.
  • Emulate the disc burning process with Virtual Burner.

Pricing Plans

DAEMON Tools Pro 8 provides four subscription plans:

  • 1-month plan: $6
  • 6-months plan: $30 ($5.00 per month)
  • 12-month plan: $48 ($4.00 per month)
  • Lifetime plan: $20.21 (no time limits)

So now let’s cover the basics.

What is Data Migration Software?

Data migration is the process of transferring data between two different computer storage locations. This event occurs only when there is a maintenance period or system upgrade implementation to be performed and everything is automated to free up human capital. This automation of the process is possible using data migration software.

Today, many companies use data migration processes and tools for various reasons, including security issues, system breakdown, storage device replacement, etc.

Nowadays, many data migration tools use cloud storage over traditional on-premise deployment.

Data migration tools typically provide three significant types of migration:
  • Cloud Migration – The process of moving data from on-premise to cloud.
  • Application Migration – This includes the movement of applications from on-premise to cloud or cloud to cloud from point A to point B.
  • Storage Migration – The process of moving data from storage at point A to a more advanced storage facility at point B.

What Features Do You Need in Data Migration Software?

You need to consider a lot of factors, including the migration process, maintenance, pricing, and more. Therefore, choosing the right data migration software can be daunting.

Here are some standard features that you should consider in the data migration tool:

1. Functionality

Always go for a feature-rich data migration application. Make sure to look out for these necessary features:

  • Migration Designing
  • Testing
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Data profiling and analysis before migration
  • Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL)
  • Validation and Quality Assurance

2. Ease-of-use

Make sure the data migration tool you are going to purchase is user-friendly to your IT Team. It is a pain-free process and its company-wide adoption should lead to success in your corporation’s environment.

3. Scalability

Data Migration software can be quite costly. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a scalable data migration tool that grows with your business and meets all the expectations.

4. Data Security

Nowadays, there is an increasing risk of cyber-attacks on your digital data. Because of this, go for tools that offer best-in-class anti-malware features like web filtering, AI-enhanced behavioral detection, and on-demand anti-virus scans.

5. Customer Support

Customer support is probably the most crucial feature everyone expects. Your employees may not always have the expertise to deal with issues related to the software. These issues may cause a delay in project delivery or task completion.

Unforeseen roadblocks can develop at any point in time. Additionally, make sure to consider additional features like backup and recovery, data governance, debugging, speed, data sources, and destinations.

Best Data Migration Software – Final Summary

This wraps up my top picks for the best data migration software to use this year for your business. I will keep updating the list with more data migration platforms available in the industry.

You can use these tools to migrate and clone your data from one system to another. Selecting the right data migration tool depends on your reason to migrate, size, budget, and requirements.

Which of these data migration tools are you planning to use, and why? Let me know by commenting below.

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