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Who are new to the Tech world and trying to understand how software works and how it benefits for a specific purpose.

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Who are looking for the right set of tools that help them manage and scale their blog traffic.

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Who want Software’s that can help them save cost on operation as well as help them in accelerating their business operations.

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Not sure that which Software can really benefit your business. Read our in depth guide and article on the product.

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We use trial versions or buy products online and test them thoroughly on functionality, performance, support, and ease of use. The exact parameters used differ per software category.

We select our products based on extensive market research. We aim to test as many products as we reasonably can, preferably the entire industry, and show the top 5 in our comparisons along with some runner-ups.

We update each product category at least once every 9 months. Whenever major changes in the industry occur, we also re-analyze our results and update them.

To be able to publish our test results for free, fund future testing, and remain independent, we earn a portion of the amount spent by consumers.

We make money through an affiliate business model. That means that when a consumer makes a purchase after clicking a link on our website, we receive a portion of the amount spent in the form of a commission.

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